Nigerian Artists Rendition of ‘This Is America’ Has Been Banned – Watch It in Full Here.


Nigerian born rapper Falz recently released his take on Donald Glover’s (Childish Gambino) ‘This is America’ which has officially been banned by the country’s broadcasting commission. In May the release of Glover’s controversial hit-song went viral and dozens of international renditions began to appear online.

Because of the song’s overt political stance, the video and song are an easy target for replicas in nations where citizens are actually suffering far worse than those in America. Falz’s ‘This is Nigeria’ take on Gambino’s original focuses on Nigeria’s government corruption, unemployment, and even electrical blackouts which got the video banned by the country’s regulatory body. The government stated that the lines “This is Nigeria, everybody is criminal” – were is “vulgar” and cannot be aired.

The Muslim Rights Concern, an Islamic advocacy group in Nigeria were particularly offended by the video’s portrayal of the Fulani tribe, which shows women dancing in hijabs. The group called the portrayal  “negative” and urged that it had “the potential of causing a religious crisis of unprecedented dimension”.

Fortunately, the track’s presence online has not been affected – the video has already racked up over 13 million views since it was uploaded online, watch it in full below.

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