Nicki Minaj Flew To Shanghai For A Fake & Unauthorised Festival


Nicki Minaj recently uploaded a video to a dedicated fan page apologising to her Shanghai fans for having to cancel her 90min, 3 million dollar set after receiving news -just after she landed- that the festival she was booked to perform at was, in fact, all fraudulent.

The event called Djakarta Warehouse Project China is a direct ripoff of a music festival in Bali, Indonesia with the same name, however, organisers of the Bali event released a statement saying the China event was unauthorised.

“The event rumoured to take place in Shanghai on 17 and 18 of November 2018 is an unauthorised use of DWP trademark. DWP as a brand has no association with the event”

Despite all the drama, the event still took place with tickets selling at R5500. Nicki chose not to associate herself with the event and posted a video apologising promising her Shanghai fans she would return soon with a better partner.

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