Neymar Takes On Ken Block in Footkhana Special

Neymar Ken Block Footkhana - MyCityByNight

What do you get when you have Football and the now famous Ken block Gymkhana? You get, Footkhana.

For some more pre FIFA World Cup 2014 gees, Castrol has brought together footy (which isn’t their vibe), with very much their vibe, cars.

In the video, Brazil and Barcelona (not kak) football star Neymar takes on rally car legend Ken Block (also not kak) in a football/Gymkhana mashup dubbed Footkhana.

Natrually, Ken Block’s car is powered by Castrol’s oil, and i am sure that Neymar may have downed a couple of tins too, because the man is deadly!

Ladies and gents, The Neymar Takes On Ken Block in Footkhana Special.

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