Next Aid: Beats Build Hope at The Assembly – 15th December



Honestly, I don’t think I need to explain anything else. This flyer tells you everything. EVERYTHING!

One thing I can say is that I am lank stoked to see Mix n Blend and Krushed and Sorted on the same line up. Although one act I am really looking forward to seeing at this event is Mr Sakitumi. I have only heard good reviews about this guy and every time I end up trying to see him play a gig, I some how always end up failing. So I will be sure to be up front as Mr Sakitumi steps up and drops some beats for us all. DJ Low, Richard The Third and Spekta (another personal favourite of mine) will be joining the three we mentioned earlier.

MyCityByNight loves partying for a good cause and so should you. So make sure you get yourself to the Assembly on the 15th of December for a massive night out… While at the same time, giving back to the community to those less fortunate then us.

I don’t know if you noticed, but take a look at the bottom of the flyer – New World Eve, Origin and The Flamnjangled Tea Party are all coming up over the next 4 months. So we have even more awesome parties to look forward to. Just saying…

I love this city…

For more info on up coming events and parties, check out:

Rumoured to have the blue-prints for Krang's TechnoDrome, stolen straight from Dimension X, he’s the type of guy who exudes so much coolness that he adds whole countries on Facebook at one time instead of just people. Always up for a party and a Tequila shot or two this is the guy who we always call first, both before and after a night out…

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