New Soccer World Cup Ball Unveiled



Tributed to the City of Gold, Johannesburg/Jo’burg and is a unique gold coloured version of the Soccer World Cup ball, Jabulani that hit stores yesterday and will be available for all the public to purchase

The Grip ‘n Groove feature:

allows the best players remarkably stable flight and excellent grip in all conditions. It is made up of 8, 3-D panels which are thermally bound and spherically moulded so for the first time, the ball will be perfectly rounded and accuracy will now play a huge roll in allowing the players to hit those pin pointer 35m long range beauties!


means “to celebrate” in isiZulu

Bafana Bafana:

Lets win this world cup boys! (hoping and praying and praying some more and just a little more)


The adidas Jo’bulani ball (Above) being put through some tests, it looks like such a killer ball. I’m sure we going to see some absolute screamers hitting the back of the net with this bad boy at the Fifa World Cup, ONLY 50 DAYS AWAY!

(Thanks Levi)

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  1. For it technical wizardry. I bet this ball I still made in a sweatshop in pakistan by a bunch of kids, earning maize meal as there income.

  2. Hmm… Toybox did a piece on the official world cup merchandise- one does wonder though… Adidas- all day I dream about slavery? I’m sure they do have some corporate responsibility to adhere to hey (at least I hope so)

  3. No ways man, you would think they would be making the balls in South Africa on local soil with local man power, but no, everything that adidas make is made in Taiwan/Thailand etc… which I find a little irritating, we should be using these opportunities to make more jobs/opportunities for our local mense!

  4. Sorry to burst anyones bubble kids but this has been unveiled quite a while ago. You might have seen them on the way to and from the water front, along with all the other previous balls from previous world cups. To too kreg that they should be made on the same turf that this globally watched tournament will be played to, that being said maybe other aspects could be renovated. Such as the vuvuzela, not that i'm against the culture, but maybe they upgrade it by putting a few holes in it, not that much difference to a flute, so it can play more than one note.

  5. @Pat Swaz: Just one thing quickly… This is the JO'bulani ball, not the JA'bulani ball, JA'bulani ball will be used through out the world cup as the official match ball, where as the JO'Bulani will be used for the final match of the world cup in JO'burg, hence why it is called the JO'bulani!

    AND i fully agree on your thoughts of the Vuvuzela re-working! Had one behind me last night and fok its loud!

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