A list of updated regulations for alcohol sales you need to know

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Monday will mark the end of 66 days of no legal alcohol sales across South Africa.

The sale of alcohol was prohibited under level 5 and 4 of national lockdown, but as the country moves down to level 3 next week, bottle stores will open their doors. While booze will be on sale again, there will still be strict regulations in place as to when, where and with who you can consume it.

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On Thursday evening (28 May) the government also confirmed that bars, taverns, and licensed restaurants will be able to sell booze, only on a takeaway basis. Additionally, trading hours for alcohol sales will be much longer than initially drafted. Take a look at what was confirmed in the latest announcement below or read more on the latest Covid-19 news, right here.

– Alcohol made be sold for takeaway only, no on-premises consumption.

– All alcohol must be sold in sealed containers and must be consumed at home

– Taverns, registered shebeens and licensed restaurants and outlets are covered under the regulations. Further rules on how, exactly, they must manage sales, are still to come.

– Booze will only be for sale from Monday to Thursday, 09.00 – 17:00. Weekend sales of booze will remain explicitly prohibited.

– Online purchases have the same hours. Any booze delivery will have to be between 09:00 and 17:00 Monday to Thursday.

– Distributors may start transporting booze from Friday. The prohibition on any and all transportation of alcohol drops on Friday, 29 May, however, sales become legal only on Monday, 1 June.

– There will be no legal measures to prevent crowds at liquor stores. No surname system will be used as previously suggested. Instead, the Government will hold the liquor industry accountable for preventing overcrowding.

South Africans are mandated to maintain physical distancing when they go out to purchase alcohol. Further outlined below are previously announced regulations which will still be in place along with the above regulations.

– Alcohol may be sold/purchased for home consumption only
– Those with gardens, balconies, and other outside features can also drink in these areas
– You are allowed to consume alcohol with members of your own household only

Not Allowed:
– You cannot invite friends round to drink at your home, nor can you visit a friend’s home. Social distancing guidelines and the advice to ‘avoid socialising’ strictly remains in place.
– You cannot drink in hotel bars
– Domestic flights are allowed under extremely limited circumstances – but there will be no beer on the in-flight menus. Airport bars will also remain closed.

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