New music Tuesday – Goodluck: Figure of 8


We’ve been fans of GoodLuck ever since we first met the crew for an interview in an apartment in Cape Town all those years ago. Since then the group has done over 500 shows around the globe, released 11 radio singles and taken over the charts with their new album titled Creature Of The Night. Their latest offering comes in the form of a video for the chart topping single – Figure Of 8.                          

The music video was shot in a state of the art studio in Cape Town and depicts the band’s diversity through their musicality. Here’s what they had to say:

“Our mantra is to show the world how important it is to use real instruments and interesting sounds in our electronic music. Our passion for vintage jazz instruments has helped define the sound that our fans love.”

The music video kicks off with shots of the three members Ben, Jules and Raiven sampling and performing on a series of “vintage” instruments. Halfway through they’re jamming away on their modern day set up that is used in their live shows. From samplers to synths, vocals to percussion – a combination of these things is what makes this band so special.

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