New Music Monday| Lost & Found – Snakes & Ladders

It’s been just over a month since the release of the brand new album by South African two-piece alternative rock group, LOST&FOUND. The album entitled SNAKES & LADDERS, is their second offering and comes after the release of their SAMA nominated self-titled debut album in 2016.

LOST&FOUND is made up by drummer Jason Oosthuizen and guitarist/vocalist Glenn Hodgson.SNAKES & LADDERS was written over the course of 11 months in between relentlessly touring the country. Production on a number of songs on the album was done by Theo Crous at his studio in Bellville, whilst others were recorded at Jason’s house with Dane Taylor.

“We really enjoy making music together and when the first record had no more legs, we were super excited to get back into the studio and bang out some new tunes!”

– says Jason Oosthuizen.

The duo describes the new album is more ‘dirty rock ’n roll’ as opposed to the first record which had a more acoustic feel to it, although their signature honest lyrics still shine through. They chose the title SNAKES & LADDERS to represent the ups and downs of life and to convey the message that how you are going to deal with it, is up to each individual.

Crafting their sound show after show after the release of their first album, the new album is a representation of their new honed sound – straightforward rock ’n roll with big guitars, busy drumming and meaningful lyrics.

SNAKES & LADDERS Track Listing:

1. Riff Song

This song is about how we are slowly brainwashed from the day we are born, and generally continue to accept what we have been told well into old age. It’s about how the people who are controlling our lives are rotten and corrupt and no one seems too worried about the state of the world, as long as we’ve got our devices.

2. I Only

This is a song about following your passion wholeheartedly, about being lost and then rescued by something, or someone, we love.

3. Sinners

Sinners is about ending up in a situation you didn’t ask for, because you never really had any direction in the first place, and then trying to blame others for your mistakes. It’s about believing in something, but not enough to make a 100% commitment to it because you’re scared of the change.

4. Dakota
Dakota is a cover from Stereophonics which we really enjoyed reworking for the album.

5. Best Smile
Best Smile speaks about how people idolise others – be they musicians or actors or whatever. For some reason these people, these gods, are placed on these mystical pedestals and worshipped. On the flip side of the coin are the artists, etc. who have to deal with this adulation, with the often unexpected fame, and how THEY deal with all the attention. We generally never deal with it the way we should, or even at all, and wonder why we eventually fall apart.

6. Stop Me

A song literally impossible to misinterpret; it’s about saying one thing and doing the other to the point where no one can take what you say seriously anymore.

7. Can Anyone

Sometimes people just don’t hear you. Many times people try tell you something and we half listen or other times we feel like we’re talking to a brick wall when we’re talking because nobody listens to us. So this offering is about trying to get people to listen more.

8. The End of the Bar (Feat. Jedd Kossew)

The End of the Bar is about having a problem with substance abuse but no matter how hard life gets, you can always go to a bar and find someone at the end of the bar who will listen to your story or entertain your bad habits.

9. Money Hungry
This song is about how people change, about wondering who your real friends actually are. There is a lot of fakeness in this industry, you never really know what people really think about you, or what they say when your back is turned but this song’s message is essentially “fuck ’em” I’m do-ing this thing anyway”.

10. Ghost
Ghost is about regretting your life choices and blaming others for your mistakes, but also about admitting your ignorance, asking for forgiveness, and moving on. It’s also about screaming. A lot of screaming.



Watch their brand new music video below and find them on all good streaming platforms.

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