New Music Monday| Goodluck & Kyle Watson – Tall Walls

New Music Monday| Goodluck & Kyle Watson - Tall Walls

One of our favourite local groups GoodLuck have teamed up with another of our electronic music favourites Kyles Watson for the release of their latest single Tall Walls from their 3rd album, titled The Nature Within. Collaboration in the local music industry is becoming more and more important and with the latest from these two talents we get to experience the perfect marriage between GoodLuck’s pop sensibilities and Kyle’s deep, bassy production subtleties.

For GoodLuck every new collaboration brings a new experience as well as the opportunity to push the boundaries of not only their own sound but the sound of electronic music in South Africa – here’s what they had to say about the latest release:

“Working with Kyle on our latest single Tall Walls, was an awesome experience! We are big fans of Kyle’s skills as a musician and a producer and working together was a very smooth and creative process. This is a deeper sound for us, but you can definitely hear the vulnerable sultry vocal influences coming through that GoodLuck has become renowned for. We are so excited about the future of electronic music coming out of South Africa and collaborations are a super important part of that!”

Get Nature Within:

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