New Music Monday| Gangs Of Ballet – Follow (Vertical Video)

New Music Monday| Gangs Of Ballet - Follow (Vertical Video)

Last week saw the release of a brand new video by GANGS OF BALLET for their latest single, FOLLOW. The video is shot vertically for the best possible mobile experience (something which has become vitally important in a world that is now properly MOBILE FIRST).

Originally, the band wanted to use a static image for a lyric video with text over it, but they soon got the idea of replacing the static image with their own faces mouthing the words to FOLLOW. Following a DIY approach, they borrowed a camera and shot themselves in Jonathan Rich’s lounge. Jonathan then edited the video himself, after which AVI MACK in Durban animated the lyrics of the song over the video.

Taking a cue from Instagram Stories and the amount of time people generally spend on their mobile devices, they shot the video in vertical format for the best experience when fans watch it on their phones.





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