New Music Monday| Craig Lucas – Restless

New Music Monday| Craig Lucas - Restless

Last Friday saw the release of The Voice 2017 winner, CRAIG LUCAS’ debut album, entitled RESTLESS through Universal Music South Africa.

The album was written over the course of two months during various different writing sessions with co-writers such as Bubele Booi, Dominic Neill and Jethro Tait. Tracks included on the album comprises of brand new songs, two covers and a few reworks of tracks written a while ago by CRAIG himself. The album was produced by renowned South African producers – Peach van Pletzen, Bubele Booi and David Balshaw, and Ewald Janse Van Rensburg.

“I tried to draw inspiration from as many real life situations as possible – whether it be love or relationships, or revolving around work/careers or just having a good time. I wanted the music to be as relatable as possible. I was inspired by being young. I was inspired but not having my shit together being okay with that. I’ve always thought of myself as being a little bit of an oddball – I am really shy and pretty awkward, and I wanted to make music for people like me. I wanted to them feel good.”

CRAIG describes the overarching theme that runs throughout the album as it revolving around being a young adult; being too young to deal with adult problems, but too old to be considered a kid. RESTLESS is about dealing with everything young people need to deal with;  thus he chose a multifaceted name for the album. Whilst honouring everyone who worked tirelessly to get the album sounding great in such a short space of time, it also represents being young, alive and constantly on the move as we try to navigate through life and find our way.

An emotional and soulful album with honest and raw lyrics, it is ultimately CRAIG’s sensitive nature and wearing his heart on his sleeve that made him a crowd favourite during Season 2 of The Voice SA – two qualities which shines through on his diverse debut offering which explores the many different sides to Pop music.

“I used to struggle with defining or finding my sound or the kind of music I wanted to perform, but the music I wrote speaks for itself. I have definitely found my sound. These are my words, my melodies and my thoughts brought to life.”

RESTLESS Track Listing:

  1. Burning
  2. Hearts Exposed
  3. I Said This
  4. Young and Stupid
  5. Broken Diamond
  6. Smother
  7. December
  8. Our Love Is Gold
  9. They Don’t Really Care About Us
  10. I Was Here
  11. Purple Rain (Acoustic Version)
  12. Smother (Alternative Version)

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