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g eazy

Gerald Earl Gillum, better known as G-Eazy, is an American rapper from Oakland, California who is just about to hit the main stream after bubbling just short of it for the past couple of years. G Eazy has released six mixtapes and 3 EPs, with tunes that have managed to rack up millions of views on Youtube and now he’s been picked up by MTV (as one of the artists to watch in 2014) after the release of his first studio album These Things Happen earlier this year.

He’s been compared to Macklemore and even Drake, but is quite different to both in the way he presents his musical offerings to the public. Hair slicked back and always looking fresh G-Eazy is capable of putting out thoughtful lyrics that get you listening intently, while also being capable of putting together a club track worth dancing to. He defines a brand new era in hip hop with a sound and presence that is unique in every way.

G Eazy’s influences included people like E40 and even Kendrick Lamar and you can tell that this dude isn’t going to be another flash in the pan white rapper who releases one album and then vanishes from the hallways of popular music. He’s already got a major sponsor behind in Jack Daniels and I’m sure that this is only the start of the growth of G Eazy’s empire.

His first studio album can’t really be described as one that’s filled with jams that are going to pump in the clubs and is instead a creative ode to the art of hip hop in a way that’s relevant to where society is today. I stumbled across his work and really thought it was worth sharing with you, even if it is just so you can say you’ve been bumping it when he explodes as a mega star in the next couple of months. Here’s the title track off of his brand new album These Things Happen – take a moment and soak it in:

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