New Mix: Kyle Maclean

I just got this straight from Kyle Maclean and thought I should put it so that everyone could get downloading it now and have it slamming it before they go out tonight, cause this set is a madness, the tracky says it all!

Kyle Maclean – Shake Pop and Lock Mix

1 Vaca Compana (kyle watson mix)
2. The realness (mizer’s debut mix)
3. Suck my disko (nom de strip mix)
4. dirtee cash (tom piper & nom de strip remix)
5. eats everything – Aiport woman
6. Chin Checkit (kyle Watson Re-Work)
7. Funky Furniture (Stupid Fresh Mix)
8. Woo Boost (Subskrpt remix)
9. Saxone (Electro Mix)
10. Exceeder (Tai Mix)
11. Is Alternative (Uppermost Dub Mix)
12. The Flying Cat (Alex Mind Mix)
13. Sweet Control (Zodiac Cartel’s Peaktime Mix)

Thats one helluva tracklisting. Some mad names in there. I am looking forward to hearing the Mizer remix (Mini K’s new project he is working on).

Enjoy everyone and have sick weekend!

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