New iPhone app calculates calories with snaps you take

I dont currently own an iPhone- but I at times I do feel like ditching my Blackberry in favour of one, based on the apps available for the phone alone. For those individuals who quite enjoy counting calories or quite simply would love to know how guilty you are going to need to feel about chowing down that gatsby, bunny show or plate of hot Zinger wings from KFC -there is now an iPhone application that may help.

Once you have used your iPhone to snap a pic of the meal the app called MealSnap gives you a calorie read-out almost instantly.MealSnap, was developed by DailyBurn, a fitness social network that has created several other fitness and diet-related iPhone applications.

Within minutes (seems like there could be a number of them) of taking a picture and comparing this to a database of around 500 000 food items, the app sends users an alert with a range of calories for the meal that was photographed. In addition the database can quickly help identity the food, how many calories there are, along with the number of proteins, fat, carbs and vitamins. Users can also then choose to share what they’ve eaten on Twitter or FourSquare making tying the exercise into social media quite nicely.

If you are on a diet for whatever particular reason I think that this would make quite nice addition to your toolkit and make keeping track of what you eat a whole lot easier.

MealSnap is available in the iTunes store for $2.99.

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