New Deadmaus: Raise Your Weapon – I Am Not Convinced


I am not convinced about this tune. Infact, I feel the same about most of his new releases. For this latest track, I think he has seen Skrillex’s success with his most recent dubstep releases and has tried it himself. My only problem is that he has incorporated dubstep with progressive house. In my eyes, it just doesn’t work, it’s like chalk and cheese. Or maybe his dubstep is just weak. Say what you want, I just don’t like it. Maybe I need time for it to grow on me but right now it’s doing nothing for me for little ears who had the pleasure of some of the great music this weekend. Had he kept it progressive the whole way through I might have said well done on another masterpiece with a flawless vocal but I am not sold. Here it is, take a listen for yourself:



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  1. Total crap. I’m hardly a fan of his, but can appreciate that he’s had a couple of good tunes. As far as dubstep goes, I can’t stand it. I guess I’m getting old.

    But to combine the two is a massive fail.

  2. I hate female vocals, but i think this is fuckin killer! Morgan Page, from the track Longest Road was also done with her.

    Rest of the track is absolute pants. Typical Mau5 finding one tiny piece of cool and slapping a generic electro dub beat over the top. bullcrap. But then did we really expect anything different?

  3. it shouldve been either a dubstep or a prog tune …the change over is too clear. the only time a dubstep change over to dance works is if dubstep is first in the song (slow to fast)…and the change over is seamless. i like both genres(and deadmaus) but i agree.. this song not really winning :S …

    1. You see, thats my thing… I enjoy both genres as well. Dubstep – yes, Prog – yes. but together they do not go well… AT ALL! Deadmau5 for me is either a hit or a miss, you get one great tune, then one FAIL! I might be different but thats how I see his work.

  4. @Stroobz: How killer is this vocal, fook me… took me back a couple of years! Other than that, this track does nothing for me.

    @Maddy: Big combination fail. Electro/Dub, psy/dub, Dub on its own, but not with house/progressive/uplifting… EVER!

    Yeah, we ALL have to agree, he has made some absolute classics but his new stuff, very touch and go! Especially this one…

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