Netflix’s Flint City (The Most Violent City In America) – Looks Like A Must Watch

Ooh a new Netflix doccie to watch!

We love a good documentary here at MyCityByNight and the latest one we’re super amped to smash out on a Sunday while on the couch is Netflix’s new one called Flint Town. It focuses on a town in Michigan, USA called Flint, which has been dubbed as the most violent city in the US.

To make things worse – the town’s police are horribly understaffed with only 96 officers, which really makes it a good breeding ground for complete lawlessness. I wonder what would possess anyone to want to become a police officer if they had to deal with the sheer level of violence experienced on a daily basis.  Check out the trailer below:

That looks quite gritty but seems incredibly well directed and shot. We’re getting the popcorn ready now already.

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