Netflix Released Trailers For Two New Black Mirror Episodes (WATCH)

In a bid to build excitement for the new season of Black Mirror, Netflix has just released 2 brand new trailers for upcoming episodes

Everyone is getting pretty amped for the brand new season of Black Mirror on Netflix, while all of us are going through Stranger Things withdrawls. Thankfully Netflix has realised this and decided that now was the best time to release two trailers for two brand new episodes to be released as part of the new offering.

“Arkangel” is directed by Jodie Foster and tells the story of a woman who injects her daughter with a tracking device during a scientific trial in order to keep tabs on her, although judging by the trailer, things don’t exactly go to planned. “Crocodile” also looks completely mental and seems as if it centers around a detective who tries to get to the bottom of a car crash by using some kind of machine to dig into the victim’s memories only for things to get a bit dodge when she starts mentioning “the private stuff”.

Are you as amped as we are for the new season?

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