Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Forget the famous Tiger Woods Jesus shot! If ever there was a video to guarantee that you spent your money on a game, then EA & Criterion Games win the gold award!

As you know, the MyCityByNight are gaming mad with this genital (male or female) arousing video, you can see why we are warning up their consoles for the arrival of our copy of the much anticipated Need For Speed Hot Pursuit!

I have no more to say on the matter other than feast your horny little eye balls on these…

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  1. I want this game… NOW! *walks over to the type r & hits the big red start button* See you all in 20 😉

  2. So like i was playing this gamer yesterday for the forst time.. and i gotta admit.. it is the tits..

    1. Sadly I havent managed to get my hands on a copy yet… Heard the cars available are seriously the dog’s bollocks 🙂

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