National Rugby League Rookie Hopeful David Andjelz Runs Through Brick Wall

aussie runs through bricks 2

An Australian National Rugby League Rookie hopeful David Andjelz is trying to earn a place on a TV talent show called NRL Rookie that gives people the chance to realise their dreams of playing professionally by giving them a contract with a local league after winning the competition. He wasn’t convinced that sending footage of him in action destroying opposition players would be enough to earn him a spot, which is why this video was created by him and his mates.

To demonstrate his general hardness and willingness to make a name for himself (rugby league is brutal stuff) Andjelz decided to run through a brick wall… literally.

aussie runs through bricks

After coming up with a pretty golden saying – “Eat Weet Bix, you run through bricks, if you lift weights, you make no breaks” David Andjelz catches a brick passed by one of of his mates and runs through a brick wall. He ends up relatively unscathed considering that he just ran through a wall of bricks and if it were up to me, he’d be part of NRL Rookie already.

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