Nate Diaz lights up and shares a joint during UFC 241’s open workouts

Nate Diaz 2019 | Yahoo Sports

After a three year sabbatical, Nate Diaz is returning to the Octagon and doing so in style. The MMA star lit up a blunt in celebration at UFC 241’s open workouts on Wednesday and then passed it round to the fans in attendance. Diaz has become known for his cannabis and CBD advocacy and it’s not the first time he’s smoked it up at a UFC event.

Following at During the post-fight press conference after UFC 202, Diaz smoked a CBD vape pen saying it helped him with the healing process and inflammation and encouraged other fighters to try it too, “you want to get these for before or after the fights in training,” he said, “it’ll make your life a better place.”

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Diaz also noted that he is the main reason the UFC partnered with Aurora Cannabis. Watch the video from this week’s open workouts and read more on the latest sport and entertainment news here. 

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