NASA takes pic of what looks like lizard on Mars


The Mars Curiosity Rover has done everything from draw a penis on the Red Planet to getting stuck in a ditch, unable to move for days, however the one thing that has been missing from the mission has been a sighting of life on the foreign planet. This was the case until someone spotted an interesting looking shape that resembled a lizard (or rat?) on the surface of the planet after presumably getting baked and staring at images of the planet while wolfing down a big bag of Nik-Naks at 12:01am.

Sadly, the image that was spotted has now been confirmed as just being a normal rock (at least that’s what they want you to believe). The Red Planet has an atmosphere that is 95 percent carbon dioxide, which doesn’t bode well for living organisms (unless they’ve evolved differently and can breath CO2). Anyways, the pics that caused all of the fuss are included below. You make up your own mind.

Lizard on marslizard curiosity mars rover

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