NASA Mars Rover accidentally draws a penis on Mars

NASA curiousity rover

Human-kind is currently exploring the surface of Mars through the NASA rovers that have been sent to the distant planet at a cost of nearly a billion dollars. During their explorations of the Red Planet, the Mars rover send back a number of pictures and readings of the nearby terrain. Since 2004 when we first started exploring Mars, NASA has lost contact with one of the rovers, Spirit and also not come back to us with awesome news of alien life.

Luckily, thanks to a keen eye from a Reddit user we’ve been able to prove that the exploration of Mars is worth every cent spent on it. Apparently due to a certain bit of programming, the rovers spin around on the spot, assessing the best terrain route to follow while exploring the planet. While performing one of these spins, one of the Mars rovers inadvertantly drew a massive penis on the surface on the planet.

The phallic tracks caused such a stir on the web that the NASA website crashed when millions of people tried to access it for more pictures of the Mars dicks.

Mars rove Penis

See… drawing a penis is funny no matter what planet is happens on.

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