NASA Curiosity Rover finds trap-door on Mars

NASA curiousity rover

Last year NASA landed the Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars in order to discover more about the planet that reminds everyone so much of earth. It was quite an affair, with the rover almost not making the landing. Since then the rover has been taking pictures of some pretty boring stuff (no martians) up until now that is.

Last week Curiosity took a very interesting photo of a shiny metallic looking object buried into the earth (or in this case mars). See below:

curiosity rover mars rock

Now I’ve watched enough sci-fi to know that, that is in fact a trap door to an underground lair where Tupac is hiding. Some “experts” insist that it is more likely some naturally occurring metal that hasn’t weathered away at the same rate as the surrounding debris or even just a bit of space junk. Screw the experts… I reckon that the rover should stop tweeting dumb duck face photos of itself and open the damn trap door to see what’s inside!

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