Nandos Rip Off Trevor Noah & Cell C (Video)


Nandos’ advertising team have come up with another great campaign, this time using comedian Kagiso Lediga who has a go at Trevor Noah and Cell C’s recent advertising campaign that had the whole of South Africa talking. This time, Kagiso acts at Trevor Noah and he is given the role of CEO of Nandos’ as the Chicken Excellence Officer. I really think the Cell C campaign is a fail, whether it grabbed the attention of everyone or not – the whole campaign was a f#%k up in my eyes. Take a look at this video that Nandos have come up with, its a classic.


I really love Nandos adverts

Big ups the their creative team.

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  1. Nooit, I dont think its FCB who does Nandos… Nandos is done by Black River Park or Black River Parkway… I am not 100% sure of the name.

    Who ever did Cell C’s campaign is a #FAIL!

  2. cell C adds have always just been kuk, except the guy on the beach Ice creams ice creasm, how about a lolly to make the lady jolly.. wait lady let me say it for u cell C for urself. 🙂 But trevor noah is a fool and he isnt funny so i dont know why they’d use an idiot like that .. cool advert tho this nuwe nandos one!~!

    1. Yeah, I dispise Trevor Noah. He is supposed to be one of South Africas top comedians, BUT HE ISNT FUNNY!?!?! I don’t get it. Surely Cell C have a better creative agency, who would have put more thought into the campaign then leaving themselves wide open for FAILURE.

      Cell C/Trevor Noah – you are both so SHIT!

  3. Brilliant ad – trust Nandos to come up with a counter ad so quickly.Just loved the “Cell C” logo as a trademark in the background.

    1. The best thing is that Nandos’ cannot get in shit for using Cell C’s trademark because it is the blady trademark sign in the first place…

      So so soooo clever by Nandos… Love it 🙂

  4. Guys ur being a little harsh on Trev,

    his show on M-net is not funny, his ads are not funny
    except the “swoosh ad”
    But his stand up is seriously funny, Daywalker had me in stitches at stages.

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