Nandos “Last Dictator Standing” Ad- in bad taste?

We’ve never shimmied away from the contraversial here at MyCityByNight and in the spirit of keeping things as they should be we’ve got the tasty ad from Nandos entitled “Last Dictator Standing”. The cheeky ad has been causing quite a fuss online and has gone viral since the brand new campaign launched last week.

The ad features all of our not so favourite dictators enjoying the good times when they could all blow things up and make sand angels in the desert. Yes all of the above happens as a lookalike Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe reminisces about better times with rather nasty despot type leaders like Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi and former apartheid leader PW Botha.

The ad is promoting the 6 piece meal with the idea that no-one should ever have to eat alone. Credit needs to go to the director Dean Blumberg and the creative team behind the ad. It’s racey but keeps the brand at the forefront of what everyone is thinking but too scared to say. What do you all think? Too much? Is it just the right amount of peri-peri?

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