Name your Hood gets the ok from Ministry of Finance, Economic Development & Tourism

The Name Your Hood initiative is slowly but surely gaining the endorsement that it needs to be a really long lasting endeavour that will really make a difference to how we navigate the city of Cape Town in the future. The private sector led initiative, has been awarded the endorsement of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism after attempting to reshape the CT landscape. 

Alan Winde, MEC, endorsed the project and its objective imparting a sense of community cohesion and belonging through an interactive public opionion sourced campaign which encourages the community to be proud and build creative and functional neighbourhoods. He had this to say: 

“The campaign, which aims to create awareness within the community about the culture and heritage, is acknowledged and fully supported. The possibility for this project to broaden the tourism spectrum of the Western Cape as well as develop civic pride and ownership is encouraged and endorsed by the Ministry.”

 The next hood open for naming is Hood 5, which is the area between Somerset Road and High Level Road, stretching from De Smit Street in the East to St Georges Road in the West.  This hood will be open for submissions until Thursday, 20th October, after which time a shortlist of the best names and motivations will go to a public vote.  The winning name for Hood 5 will be announced on 3rd November.  For full details and to submit your name and motivation visit

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  1. Check me, commenting on a MCBN post! 😉
    I’ve tried on name your hood and i can’t find a map of the zones that have been named already. i wanna see what upper mill street is called – if its been named yet?

    1. Look at you, well done 🙂 hahaha. I think they are still making their way around to the Upper Mill street area… Is that where you stay? What would you like it to be called Ashchi?

    1. I know, I know… I have been watching you from the MCBN HQ for a while now… MCBN represented Upper Mill for a good year. Until they removed us 😉

    1. Where can I send my details? hahahaha… I think we might need to have a chat about this Sony stuff 🙂

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