Name Your Hood – City Bowl campaign kicks off (Hood 8)

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Name Your Hood is back with the launch of a campaign to name a part of the Cape Town City Bowl that I hold quite dearly to my heart (because I live there). The Cape-based private sector-led initiative, which seeks to build stronger communities through interactive public neighbourhood naming campaigns kicked off in front of a packed venue in Wembly Square last week.
This time around we’re trying to find a name for Cape Town’s Hood 8 area, bordered by Roeland, Hatfield and Mill streets and you’ve got until the end of August to make a contribution for the consideration of the panel of esteemed judges (I’m one of them – check it out). Name Your Hood, which started in 2011 and recently experienced great success with its Gugulethu street re-naming campaign has already garnered a prestigious global award as part of the GOOD Global Citizenship Project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Responsible for removing the horrible area names in Gugs inherited from the Apartheid government, which all started with the letters NY (which stood for Native Yard – yup for reals) the initiative now looks to give my hood a new sense of togetherness and pride.
Cape Town’s CBD is known vaguely as ‘town’ but Name Your Hood (NYH) is changing that with the establishment of identities for distinct neighbourhoods, creating a sense of community and providing branding opportunities for these different areas. In addition, this makes getting around far easier -just think of New York’s SoHo and Tribeca, or London’s Mayfair and Notting Hill.

The submission of names for Cape Town’s Hood 8 area, bordered by Roeland, Hatfield and Mill streets, opened on Friday 2 August and closes on Friday 30 August. To make the process as inclusive as possible, platforms for submitting name suggestions include a website and a mobi-site, as well as submission forms and accompanying voting boxes that are distributed throughout Hood 8.

After submissions close, NYH’s panel of judges – made up of local journalists, historians, designers and entrepreneurs– will spend two weeks working through the submissions to come up with a shortlist of 10 names. The final name will be chosen by public vote using physical voting forms, SMS and via The winning name will be announced on 25 October 2013.

Bruce Good, the man behind it all had this to say:

“We’re celebrating everything Cape Town has to offer; its incredible landmarks, rich history and vibrant culture. We’ve pulled in local heroes, architects, historians and city planners to create new, easy-to-navigate city hoods. Now it’s up to everyone to get involved – anyone could potentially name one of the neighbourhoods and leave a legacy.”

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