Naked News comes to South Africa :)

Today is Friday and as if that wasnt awesome enough- we’ve got some really good news to share with all of you!!

The TV phenomenon- Naked News is finally coming to South Africa (praise the heavens). The show basically centres on the concept that alot more people would watch the news if the anchors strip while telling you about the market figures for the day- “the the JSE is down today” ffwwwooop there goes a blouse… FANTASTIC.

The International news service NakedNews is available in several countries across the globe and now is finally on offer in the already horny home country of South Africa.

NakedNews Africa’s first ­anchor, Johannesburg-based Amy-Leigh Murphy* (34) had this to say-

“I have a passion for news and a beautiful body. I read very well,”

Wow, life changing stuff.

The subscription-based service, which is available online and on cellphones (at R10 per week), is set to launch its first locally produced news clip, presented by Murphy, by May 7 (Kreg’s Birthday).

Apparently around 50 hopefuls have auditioned to date with more achors to be added to form a naughty news cast team of 5.

And dont worry straight ladies- apparently NakedNews will eventually add male presenters too, but these ­anchors will not strip completely (thank goodness). The show spokesperson’s exact words were- “Full-frontal male nudity is not very neat. They would, for example, wear a sexy G-string or Jockey.”

Ag… I guess its time for good old Riaan ­Cruywagen from Sabc2 Afrikaans news to invest in his second full body transplant (I mean its the only logical way to explain how its possible that he hasnt aged one bit in like 100 years).

Lets hope it does well enough for NakedNews Africa to ­approach a South African television channel for a more permanent and readily available option.

NakedNews Africa already has 1 000 “loyal” subscribers (add 1 to that, I just joined). The aim is to grow this number to 500 000 ­within two years- very possible with the internet!


Please note that the above pic was taken I know… not the best angle of any of them (really hope our one isnt the one in the middle).

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