Naked Bike Ride in Cape Town

This weekend I was surprised by a group of naked people on their bikes, while I was on my way to grab some coffee in Town- nobody is ever ready for that amount of penis and vagina so early in the morning. On Saturday Cape Town was home to the Naked Bike Ride. The general message behind the World Naked Bike Ride is a visible protest against oil dependency and the shame associated with body appearance. So basically it’s cyclists who are in favour of environmental responsibility, human-powered transport and body-positive values that hop on their bikes without clothes, covered in paint to raise awareness.

I’m rather surprised that no-one was arrested knowing how the City of Cape Town feels about public nudity and public indecency… Big up to all those who took part, although I am skeptical about the impact of your actions on the big oil and energy companies of the World.

Since 2004, 50+ cities across the world cities and thousands of riders have experienced and participated in the world’s largest naked event, promoting cycling in the history of humanity.

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