Naai Day- A Valentines Day Rebecca Black Parody

A couple of months back we featured a parody of Rebecca Black’s Friday by Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues called “Braai Day”. Well we are pleased to let you know that a bunch of creatives over at The Rooftop have mashed their brains together to come up SA’s latest spoof entitled Naai Day- which also draws on the internet hit by Miss Black for inspiration ahead of Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

Carl Wegelin and Matt Davidson are the two that had the idea of using the Naai Day spoof as a method of educating people about South Africa’s dire AIDS situation with a dash of humour. So there is apparently a serious message behind the silly song- all I know is that I have been singing the chorus all freaking day long.

Naai Day Lyrics:

Valentines Day, such a wonderful day 

In my calendar I put a YAY 

With a heart, and I say “I feel so happy”
Everything’s so romantic, I don’t know which guy to pick
Got cards and roses and these bro’s are just so lovely
This guy has got flowers, this guys got pretty meeowers
Can’t make my mind up, which guy should i taaaaaaaaaaaaaake?
It’s NAAI day NAAI day, gonna get down on Naaiday 
NAAI day NAAI day, gonna get down on Naaiday 
Feather-lite, ribbed and tall,
Extra large, extra small,
Condomising for all, 
Let me hear you say it boys. (Repeat)
It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I’m on the market
Speed-dating, you find a guy, you mark it
He offers you a drink and you say “I’d Shmaak it”
Ya, I’d like a drink, thanks!
Geez, this is a really nice drink!
Aah, OMG, ROFL, LOL, you are so hot right now.
This guy has got flowers, this guys got little meeowers
I can’t remember, which guy is my daaaaaaaaaaate?
Repeat CHORUS!
In support of Aids awareness. If you would like to know more or help, this is a great starting point:

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