N3DS Pre Launch


So there are many sites that have written about the specs of the new console, their experiences with it, playing some of the games and all the technically goodies.

I’m going to spill on some of the behind the scenes happenings…

There is so much pressure on launching a hot product, whilst making sure that you have the correct audience, the right guest list, ensuring everyone has relevant information, that your venue looks amazing – oh and that food and beverages are all systems go…

All this, added with the arrival of the demo stock only on the day of the media launch…everyone was on call in case they didn’t land on time!

But finally the day arrived, and after almost everything going wrong – from the locks for the consoles being lost during the travelling, to the email servers picking up the invites as spam, and most of the people not even receiving their invitations – excitement levels were growing.

You couldn’t help but get butterflies whilst listening to the sound check, and watching the promoters practice their entrance.

Lights, camera… ACTION!

The guests started arriving, being dazzled by nothing less than a breath taking setting.

It was such a joy to watch the expressions as the people entered.

Then the big reveal…

The most exciting part was being able to see the reactions of the crowd towards the newest member of the Nintendo Family. Seems most people were very skeptical about the 3D screen, and EVERYONE was pleasantly surprised.


Guests were entertained with various acts that left most with their jaws wide open! Everyone was on a high and having such a great time. Smiles were seen on every face in the room, followed by ‘Ah, Oooo, yeah’…

For those that haven’t been watching the press or weren’t able to make it to Monte Casino to check it out for yourselves, here is a touch of the nitty gritty and a few mind blowing features…


  • The launch colours will be in Aqua Blue & Cosmic Black.
  • The Recommended Retail Price R2799 & software at R499
  • Augmented Reality is INSANE – you literally watch a card come to life… this you’ve got to see to understand.
  • Street Pass – whilst your console is on standby, and you pass someone else in the same mode, you can transfer information to one another’s consoles, or battle if you are playing something like Street Fighter.
  • Built in pedometer – you can collect coins (which assist you with finishing levels and puzzles) whilst you walk.
  • Log – keeps track of the games you’ve played, how long you played, how many steps you’ve taken, etc…
  • Mii Maker – take a photo and watch the console create a character based on your face.
  • 3D photo’s
  • Face Raiders – a game that utilizes the systems gyro the maximum!
  • And the list goes on…


The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all, with so many A-listers attending, I felt like royalty.

The evening wasn’t just all about the console 😀 – there were some fantastic looking promoters very eager and keen to show you how to use the Nintendo 3DS, and naturally some #Mooiness on the guest list.

Craig & Ricky would’ve been in their element with all the gorgeous ladies about!

  If you did manage to crack an invite, I’m sure you had an amazing evening. If you didn’t, sorry kiddo’s, you’ll have to wait until the 25th March for the launch into stores.

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  1. I was lucky enough to be one of the few who cracked the nod to this fantastic event. Props to all involved for putting it all together. It was seamless and a great deal of fun. Nice article too. Sometimes people don’t *get* what goes into planning something like this.

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