Mystical Complex, Bizarre Contact & Royal Flush – A Beartrap Production!


A BEARTRAP PRODUCTION in collaboration with Cape Towns hottest winter venue THE SIDE SHOW this is the long anticipated return of two psytrance international superstars


and, introducing, for the very first time in South Africa:

All three international sensations, live in Cape Town on:

29 JUNE 2013

so….get ready for Cape Towns hottest night out this winter
featuring an interstellar, magical local contingent of Cape Towns best loved and most talented…… including….

..►/ SHIFT ..► / SWAY ..► / DJ MARK ..► / PORTAL ..► / CHEMOGEN ..► / SCI LAB ..► / DERANGED ..► / FLYP PSYD



EARLY BIRD (limited)► R80.00 | PRESOLD (limited)► R110.00 | DOOR► R150.00


Expect the Unexpected… Beartrap will take indoor decor to the next level…. come dressed to celebrate life, living & music. Come ready to party, connect and enjoy!

►life size marionettes
►beartrap ballerinas
►fire breathers
►insane visuals
►psychedelic eye candy




Bizzare Contact is best described as a fundamental element in the global psytrance narrative, part of the story that is psy.
His story starts where he was born and raised in the sunny southern city of Dimona, Israel.

Didy has been producing Psychedelic music of every kind, since the age of 13.

He joined the Com.pact crew in 2004 and became an instant success. The debut album, “Plastic Fantastic” by “Bizzare Contact” was released on Com.Pact Records in April of that year and surpassed the expectations of not only the label, but the greater psytrance music community.

Bizarre Contact suddenly appeared on line ups worldwide, from Japan and Europe to the South American countries of Brazil and Mexico and of course his home country, Israel.

All this street credit led to a new project known as “Visual Contact”, a collaboration with dj Bog and in October 2005 the debut release “La La Land” was unleashed on dance floors and fans all over the world to rave reviews.

With labels such as Com.Pact, FinePlay, Noga, Alchemy, Utopia, Shiva Space Japan, Phonokol and many more clambering for new releases to include on their compilations, he has succeeded in creating a sound and style of within a genre of music that is a force to reckoned with.

In 2010, after countless projects with other auspicious artists, the inevitable came to pass when Didy’s younger brother, Gady, became an official collaborator and member of “Bizzare Contact”.

Since then, Didy has taken Bizzare Contact upward and onward with releases such as Bizarre Adventures, which he released on the well known HOM-Mega label in 2011 and, in so doing, carved his place as a pillar and pioneer in the scene.

It was not longer after that he joined forces with long time friend, Stas Marnyanski (aka Vibe Tribe). The team brought a new and formidable energy to the scene, outside of the recording studio, when they launched Mainstage Records.

The combination of their experience gathered over a decade by way of their many releases on some of the leading music labels and their ability to tap into what seems like an eternity’s worth of live experience gained while touring the globe has given rise to a label which is not only unique and cutting next, but visionary in it’s approach to the genre.

Then in May, 2012, Bizarre Contact finally debuted in Cape Town. The event was nothing short of phenomenal as Didy rocked a packed dance floor of Bizarre fans for the first time… that night left fans demanding more of a sound and energy that they have come to love and appreciate of the years.





Mystical Complex does for psytrance today what the legendary talents of acts like Infected Mushroom and GMS did at the turn of the century.

At just 22, this young Israeli is not afraid to take risks, test the boundaries of the dance floor and push every ounce of your soul to the very limit.

His sets are best described as insanely energetic and his nack for fusing various other EDM elements with his bad ass, full on psychedelic sounds and the occasional, unexpected, hip swinging melody has become a trademark which is being replicated and manipulated on psytrance dance arenas all over the world.

It’s this synthesis that makes his music perfect, not only for a Beartrap Production, but for all Cape Town psy-lovers.

Eddie Zaltsman, aka Mystical Complex hails from Beer-Sheva – Israel .

His surprisingly classical training on piano until the age of 15 in quite prevalent in his unique style, however, it became obviously to the young musician at a very early age that he was less cut out for music of an instrumental style, and more inclined to follow genres focusing on electronica.

In 2009, after several years of dabbling here and there Eddie secured his first international gig, and so Mystical Complex was born.

He reached the beautiful Mother City of Cape Town in February 2013 and literally beat the dance floor to near exhaustion with his crazy and intense beats…..and left them begging for more!


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