MyCityByNight’s tv debut on SABC3′s Expresso

On Friday last week Myself and Kreg were tasked (as our playmaker and all round strategist – Stacky, was unfortunately not on hand to help) with representing MyCityByNight on the lifestyle and entertainment based breakfast show Expresso in what was our TV debut… Radio, TV and Online all the space of 1 year- things sure are growing at a crazy pace!!! 🙂

We had to wake up at around 3:30am to be able to get all showered and respectable enough to show our faces at the studio for our 4:30am call time. We really have to big up the presenters and entire crew of Expresso- I honestly dont know how you guys manage to wake up that early every weekday and still be so professional and put out a wicked morning show.

When we got there we had the chance to meet Liesel van der Westhuizen and Katlego Mabou (who in his words, would be our Oprah Winfrey for the morning). They were both super friendly and Katlego definately did well in making us feel at ease with being broadcast out to the roughly 500 000 viewers of the show. Once the actual interview got under way we managed calm down and handle things in our typically cool MyCityByNight style. We chatted about what we do and also why we chose Get Green as hosting company (joined on the main couch by Chris from Get Green). All in all it was quite a cool experience and we hope to be back on the box fairly soon!

As soon as we’ve got the low-res video clip, we’ll be sure to pop it up on the site! BOOOOOOM!

A big thanks has to go to my favourite teacher friend Kyla for all of the pics- you rock girl!!! 🙂

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  1. you guys can only get better and get even more coverage with time. so keep doing what you guys do. well done. another milestone for the MCBN crew 🙂

    1. @Mr Cottle- thanks for the kind words there!! As long as you boys and girls keep digging it, we’ll keep trying to improve and bring you all the blogging goodness that your hearts desire 🙂

    1. @liesl – We’re still waiting to get the low res vid sorted and as soon as we do it’ll be up on the site! BOOOOOM!

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