MyCityByNight welcomes you to 2012

In rather typical fashion our first post for 2012 comes a day late. Yes, New Years was incredibly awesome- we’ve consumed enough food and booze to keep a small army of power hungry dictators happy for weeks. Now… We’re broke. So we’ve looked to each other and decided that between the likes of Stacky, Kreg and myself we’ll endeavour to bring you the best event info for your city along with the best music, fashion, sport and general entertainment- first!

That said… we think you all probably need a bit of help to get through January so we’ll try our best to hook up all those crazy competitions. Win some tickets- spend the cash you would have on entrance, on drinks and then ease through January- no stress.

So here’s to 2012… I think we’re all going to do some awesome things- before the world ends and all of that.

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