MyCityByNight Prank of the Week – The Goldigger and Lamborghini

gold digger prank

This week we feature a prank that from YouTube prank genius, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. In the video he attempts to pick up a girl, knowing that he’d probably get rejected (I don’t think anyone in their right mind would entertain any advances from a guy in such a horrific shirt). Once the girl blocks him, he casually saunters over to a Lamborghini parked near by, opens the door and tries his luck with the girl again.

As if overcome by some magical spell, the girl in question changes her mind, suddenly feeling rather enticed by Vitaly – only now, he’s not interested letting her know he doesn’t care much for gold diggers.

It’s something that many of us have wanted to do, which is probably why the video has literally exploded on the net after being uploaded… Down with Gold Diggers – Up with pranks like these!

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