MyCityByNight Prank of the Week – Insane Clown Prank part 3 (now with 2x clowns)

killer clown prank part 3

Oh just great, the killer clown is back with another pants-shittingly scary prank that involves terrorising the public via a killer clown and his friend. What’s worse than a scary, killer clown? Two scary killer clowns, that’s what. The creators of this prank series have tried to make each video they’ve released slightly more terrifying and twisted than the last, which is probably how we ended up with two killer clowns, a few dark alleys and a ton of scared people.

Seriously though, if you any of you try and prank me with a scary clown we can’t be friends anymore. Much like the people in this clip below, I won’t be having a good time.

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