MyCityByNight Prank of the Week – Girl hits on other Straight Girls (pretending to be gay)

girl hitting on girls prank

A mooiness by the name of Andrea Wendel from Whatever setup a prank where she would go up to other mooiness and ask them if they would be willing to give her their number (who wouldn’t – look at her) and go on a date. The result is quite promising for any aspiring lesbians out there, as the research clearly shows that as long as you’re hot you can get almost any girl’s number without her being too weirded out (presumably because you’re hot and don’t have a penis).

She really doesn’t hold back one bit in the clip, asking some girls if she could take their numbers (even though they made it blatantly obvious that they weren’t lesbian) and then check back in with them, just to make sure they weren’t keen to try a no-willy-bagel at some point. It does make me look at the difference in sexuality between men and women more intently, as I’m guessing that if a guy did the exact same thing to a bunch of straight guys he wouldn’t get quite as many numbers as Andrea did.

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