MyCityByNight Mix of the Week| GiNjA goes deep

dj ginja

Today we’re featuring a mix from one of the MyCityByNight #FutureStars – Matthew ‘GiNjA’ Deacon. In the past he’s played at just about every venue from a house party all the way to some of Cape Town’s premier clubs.

Since those early days, his mixes have been picked up by the likes of 5FM,MFM, Assembly Radio, Zone Radio and of course MyCityByNight. This particular mix sees GiNjA head off in a completely different direction, showcasing his more subtle side with a super hot deep house mix.

Give the mix a listen and if you’re keen for more – you can catch DJ GiNjA at Dansville this weekend (after winning the competition for the right to do so), Friday at 6-7pm before you head to our 4th Birthday Party with Don’t Party at Assembly/Fiction.

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