MyCityByNight gets breathalysed with Breether & Smart About What

A few weeks back MyCityByNight was approached by the folks over at Smart About What to come lend a hand with some scientific research around how much tipple it would take for your average South African to be over the legal blood alcohol limit.

We know that drinking and driving is almost considered a nationally recognized sport in SA and in combination with the peeps from Breether SA (the guys who supply the breathalysers locally) we wanted to show you how little it actually takes for you to be over the limit and running a huge risk of ending up in the chookie- especially with the millions of roadblocks that go on these days.

Hit the link to SmartAboutWhat to see the video clip of the research that went down- you’ll be able to see Kreg get his ass handed to him in a down-down contest with Anton Taylor and me being referred to as a “small male” and told “to blow it real good”. Its scientific research at its best really! Oh and while you’re over there checking out the video and report from Anton, don’t forget to leave a comment- you can win some movie tickets! Nothing like a free movie!

The conclusion that I reached after this whole vibe was that it is still too expensive for your average Saffa to use paid taxis every night out on the town… Regardless though- you wont find me doing any drinking and driving from here on out! Its illegal and not at all safe… besides, don’t think me and my pretty face would do well in jail with John Mongrel- leader of the bum sex-liking 28’s looking for a new “wyfie”.


Keep it safe over the festive season peeps- they aint got no internet in jail.

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  1. i think paying the cop is cheaper than a cab home… but it is still wrong!!! Kreg what was that!?

    1. They make us look like we’re drunks… which isnt true. ok maybe it is. yay for scientific research!! 🙂

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