MyCityByNight Exclusive – AXO

Michael Francis, AXO, earned his stripes as a DJ with a tougher sound and serious energy in the Hard House scene, years later he evolved and re-built his sound to represent the modern version of harder music in the Techno scene. AXO’s sound hits as hard as a battle axe, with the aim of creating a stimulated ride into a euphoric & industrial soundscape, his formula has proven to absorb listeners who lean towards harder music and appreciate the raw energy.

This mix shows off a more modern industrial techno sound, with a bit of old school style trance. Expect punchy bass lines, underground synths and energy filled distorted kicks with slice of vinyl percussion sounds.

1. Viper Diva – Snake Does Cry (unpolished mix) 
2. Antigone – U tell me 
3. Rude Awakening & Dj Amok – Electonic rod (waldhaus remix) 
4. Paolo Ferrara & Lorenzo raganzini – The liberation of your beliefs (Obscure shape & SHDW remix) 
5. Neon Graveyard – Rave after death (Rezytor remix) 
6. Under Black Helmet – lose something to gain everything 
7. EAS – Dragon Prince 
8. Endlec – Kalposa
9. BK – Revolution 
10. Farrago – Risin (Kobosil’s apathy remix) 
11. KARA- Process unit 
12. WNDRLST – Omnipotence Paradox 
13. MORSURE – Step Back 
14. MRD – Reach my hand


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