MyCityByNight becomes Bacardi Mixology Maestros

On Friday last week MyCityByNight had the auspicious honour of inviting some of the very dedicated and much loved MyCityByNight Alumni to go on a journey of discovery and enlightenment in a bid to become Bacardi Mixology Maestros. Lets start with with the venue chosen by us for the event…

After numerous reminders and requests from the very punctual Kreg to be at Asoka restaurant and bar at the top of Kloof Street at 1730, Stacky & I arrived lekker early to be greeted by the rather dapper looking and pretty awesome Bacardi Mixologist Kevin Snyman. He instantly recognised that we looked a little bit thirsty poured us 2 of the most epic Cuba Libre’s ever experienced by the crew.

The lucky competition winners (& the late Kreg, haha) started arriving & we had a bit of a chance to socialise and discuss how awesome we were compared to normal peeps before engaging in a rather informative session discussing the history behind the Bacardi brand and their bid to renew the claim to be the number spirit on the planet. Let me just say- you boys and girls are freaking awesome- I have no doubt that we have the best collection of fans on the entire freakin internet!!!!! After tasting, smelling and touching (ok maybe we didnt touch each other- that much) we had the opportunity to mix our own Bacardi cocktails under the guidance of Kevin- who was at the time struggling to keep us sober enough to absorb information about the world-famous Bacardi brand instead of copious amounts of refined rum.

Stacky then stepped up to get his Tom Cruise on & wowed us to say the least. With awesome being pretty much standard in the MyCityByNight crew, Stacky proceeded to do some rather impressive ice and mixing tricks that led Kreg, the MCBN alumni and myself to believe that he must have been a world famous flair-barman in his past life. To top it all off Bacardi was kind enough to provide us food that had us drooling for more- even the likes of the rather cultured and avante-garde Dr Rex was impressed by the munch, which had us feeling like Gordon Ramsey had been at our beck and call for the evening- it was SICK.

We’re more sure than we’ve ever been that Bacardi is an awesome party brand & that one could order a rum and a mixer, still being able to taste drink (most other spirits out there pretty much destroy the actual taste of cocktails) on any night out. It was super cool to learn about the story behind Bacardi, the fruit bat logo (its a boy bat by the way- look for the penis to pointing to the left) and how the brand was still a family run business- its always nice to drink something with a bit of history.

MyCityByNight is behind Bacardi in their quest to once again become the number 1 spirit in the world by 2012… I’ll have a Bacardi Gold and Ginger Ale with a tickle of fresh lime please. Thank you. Now I feel sophisticated 🙂

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