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With the end of 2011 firmly in sight, you would have noticed that the internet and media has been flooded with a series of lists. Top ten this, best entertainers that… We at MyCityByNight are never far from global trends so decided to jump onboard the bandwagon of lazy- end of year content production and come up with our very own.

Instead of the traditional top ten I decided to throw together a list of the 5 South Africans that I would most like to have sundowners with after the more than entertaining year of 2011. Obviously the likelihood of such a drinks evening ever happening is not very high, I still like to dream.

The guestlist for the extra special MCBN All South African Sundowners (MCBN ASAS) would be something like this:

Steve Hofmeyer

Steve is a proud matriculant from Grey College who is synonymous with drama. He is an ardent supporter of the Blue Bulls and constantly gets embroiled in controversy whether because of proposed lyrics in his hit singles that are offensive to Black people or a full on beef with U2’s Bono that reportedly ended in him throwing his R5000 U2 Concert tickets into the Jukskei River in protest. Steve will be there to engage in intriguing conversation about how he has Black friends, pausing briefly to serenade all of us with his wonderful new album while we sip on our cocktails of choice.


Julius Malema

Julius always seems to make the news… I think it has something to do with that amazing smile and razor sharp wit of his. The hope is that we’ll be able to regale old stories of when he used remove National Party posters instead of going to class and how he came to the conclusion that nationalisation meant the same thing as an end of year bonus. Julius will also keep us entertained with his majestic use of the English possibly leaving us with quotes as stirring as the one made by him in reference to then ANC President Thabo Mbeki

“We are leaving this dead snake, but we must bury it, it is dead now,”

or even this one about Democratic Alliance (DA) party leader Helen Zille, a white woman, after she was elected premier of Western Cape province.

“She, the racist little girl, must remember that Zuma is her boss,”

Nonthle Thema

BOOM! Sit down.

Wait what? Are you talking to me?

The evening of drinks wouldn’t be complete without the less than totally sane chick who made her name on Channel O interviewing one or two noteworthy International stars. Once slightly tipsy Nonthle would compare herself to deity and then proceed to tell all of us how poor we are in comparison, which is going to be interesting considering the bank accounts of the rest of the guests aren’t exactly that of poverty stricken SA shack dwellers. There’s also a hidden bonus in inviting the ex-video jockey around- free stuff! She’s endorsed everything from relaxers to cars, so I’m sure at bare minimum we’d all be able to score a courtesy gift pack for our troubles.

Michael Mol

Michael Mol is the all South African, South African. He’s the guy all girls’ mothers love and has done exceptionally well over the years to establish himself in industries other than medicine. This year saw him get his very own tv show along with continuing to cameo on early morning breakfast shows and voice-overs in bathrooms in airports as well. So why him? Well could you imagine Michael trying to come up with corny one-liners to keep the peace at this drinks evening? I could… and it would be great to watch.

Kenny Kunene

The ZAR Sushi King is the freaking life of the party. All you have to do is watch his “So what” TV show to know that this guy is the business. He’d take care of the dinner eats by providing some naked human tables for sushi as well as supplying us with some real French champagne to spray on each other, while the homeless guy watching our cars asks for a 2 rand. Having honed his party promotion skills inside prison my man Kenny will make sure that our All South African Sundowners is the best event of the year!

I think that’s it… that’s the list. In my mind that’d be the most entertaining night out in a long time and a perfect way to cap off 2011.

What about you? Are there any additions you’d like to make to the list?

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