My5ive – The App For List Makers


There’s no denying we’re living in the golden age of consumerism.

With new entertainment and sharing platforms popping up every day, we are inundated with tons of great content – from television series to books to movies. Netflix and Hulu are continually releasing fire shows, Foursquare and Yelp are teaching us about amazing new restaurants and Amazon has given us the capability to buy or rent almost anything from anywhere.

There’s only one problem with this influx of amazing new content. We can’t remember it.

What’s the name of that amazing movie you watched two days ago? What about that great restaurant you ate at? Who is the author of that book you love? There’s just too much information to be able to keep track of our “favorite things.” and no easy way to share them with our network.

That’s where My5ive comes in. Finally, an app where you can add movies, books, restaurants, TV shows and sports all in one place. Instead of jotting names down in your iPhone (like you can ever find them later) you simply add them to a list on the app.

Now when someone asks you for a movie recommendation, you can not only remember the movie you loved last week, but share it. And all those restaurants you can’t remember when you want to go back? Well, next time you eat at one you love, add it to your list. Now you’ll not just have it on your phone, you’ll be able to find exactly where it is along with the phone number and pictures for when you need to convince a friend.

Not only is it great for keeping track of everything you watch, read and eat, it’s great for finding new things. Next time you can’t figure out a good documentary to watch, scroll through your friends’ movie lists. The same goes for next time you’re in New York or Australia and need a local restaurant –no more tourist traps recommended on Yelp.

I know there’s a lot of apps out there and downloading another seems like adding to the chaos, but that’s the whole point of this app. Download this one and you can forget the rest.


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