My Top 5 Arcade games ever!

I was one of the kids born in the 80’s, which meant that I was part of one of the first generations of peeps to take arcade gaming more seriously than the contents of my lunch box. I mean I cannot count how many 20c coins (yup only the kiff games needed the 50c coin) I lost to bleep bleeping of arcade machines around the country.

Since then, games have progressed light years in how they have been designed and what they look like, but at times struggle to match the sheer replay value of those games of old. I thought that it would be fitting to end this week off with a little tribute to 5 of my favourite arcade games from yesteryear… FINISH HIM!

Number 5- Pac man

Virtually everyone should remember this one. The yellow smiley guy running around a few dark rooms, munching pills with repetitive music in the background obviously didn’t impact me at all… OBVIOUSLY.

Number 4- Outrun


This is where my love for speed and cars began! I remember ripping up the California countryside with a red Ferrari with a mooiness next my in game character’s ride and getting the tail to step out as I slid that beast round the corner with style. Racing against the clock and clearly inferior computer opposition this was one of my all time favourite arcade games- it even had crash animations that flung the characters out their car in a rather epic fashion… How’s that for a road safety advert??!

Number 3- Metal Slug


The best thing about this game was the fact that you could rock it in 2 player mode. The gist of the game was to kill every Nazi in the multi-level world, with knives and an array of the best weapons out there… Fancy barbeque’s a jew hating Nazi or two? Don’t mind if I do thank you. I’ve clocked this games more times than I’ve had a wank.

Number 2- Street Fighter


For almost the entire duration of the late 80’s and early 90’s virtually every arcade in South Africa were epitomized by the “HADUKEN” and “AAALLLLUUUGET” power sounds done by the likes of Ryu (my favourite characters) and Ken. I used to get tuned by other kids about “cowarding” them with my plethora of blue and red fireballs to which I simply replied- don’t hate the player, hate the game- followed by a good “AAAALLLUUUGET for good measure.And now for the arcade game that sucked in the most of my pocket money and number 1 in my all time top Arcade games and 5bop suckers…

Number 1- Mortal Kombat


This was the first time that any form of blood or gore was introduced into arcade games- the adults only rating was enough to get all of us kids going crazy! With new additions to fighting simulators like babalities, friendships and the ridiculously bloody but incredibly entertaining fatality finishing moves it was easily the most fun game of its time. I still remember having arguments about who the best character to play with was, personally I tended to lean towards the ninja with freeze powers called Sub Zero… Every fight ended with the commentator yelling “Finish Him”– this was usually followed by some form of dismemberment or removal of players’ balls- top notch entertainment in my opinion!Any arcade games that you guys and girls remember having fun with? Let me know! 🙂

Happy Weekend!!! BOOOOOOOOM! 🙂

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  1. Double Dragon, Bubble Bobble, Golden Axe, Altered Beast and 1942 should be here Ricky. This is where the generation thing comes in I guess! Hahaha!

    1. I thought about 1942 as well- actually everything you just mentioned puts a smile on my face! aaah- the good ol days! 🙂

  2. haha.. I was actually at the arcade at N1 City yesterday. I felt like a kid again. Sure its a bit more pricey than the days of old. But those car games are the best.. even when changing gears the car would shoot forward. Man that was fun. We still not at the level that America or Japan was at 5 years ago. But our arcades are getting better.

  3. I think we were born most likely the same because your 5 list of games is what I experience during 80’s. I love your article and the games were just awesome forever!

    1. Thanks gala!! Yup- rate we frequented the arcades at around the same time 🙂 aaah the good ol days!

  4. @Ricky Bynight, You what? I just remember the good all days when I skip school because of mortal combat and street fighter.. My goodness, kids and student’s don’t try to skip at school.. very bad.. think of your parents!

    1. haha yes- very bad indeed!!! 🙂 Aaah- if I could get all of the 50c coins back!!!

  5. @ricky, i was really interested in mortal combat & outrun because i haven’t seen any embed of this games. I have pacman, metal slug and street fighter copy of .swf.. Do you have any idea if i could get some embed with this 2 games.. I love to add this game to my gala bingo website!

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