My first hardcore Song- 8 year old Juliet’s global hit

I think that Youtube is great because of the fact that everyone has the opportunity to become famous- even if it is for doing something stupid like crying about Britney Spears. Thankfully this young Australian Schoolgirl did no such thing and instead used her talents to pen a metal song.

She’s only 8, hailing from Brisbane, Juliet’s life was pretty normal until her folks posted a video entitled My First Hardcore Song and it started getting massive amounts of coverage on Youtube and then eventually on iTunes. It’s not exactly my style of music but I have to say that I am quite impressed by the lyrics that Juliet threw into the song about her 2-year-old miniature Dachshund, Robert, and her tropical fish (better than most Pitbull lyrics in my opinion).

The video was shot by Childs and the piece put to a thrash-music soundtrack by music producer and family friend Rob Sharpe and since then has garnered over 12 million plays. All the cash that she makes from the sale of t-shirts and iTunes downloads will be put into a trust fund for her to blow on fast cars and hookers at a later stage in life.

What do you think? Any talent? Or is it just the cute factor that has people all excited about Juliet and her angry faces…

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  1. That is fucking retarded! Yeah, might be cute if you are a pedo – but def not worth 12 million hits. I rate there’s WAY better talent out there that deserves 12 million hits. Being a artist is all about being yourself and having your own vibe – somehow this feels like parents influencing the kid to do something they think will sell.

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