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Last month the entire world celebrated Pride with LGBTQ parades, parties, social media takeovers and the iconic Pride flag hoisted up high in all corners of the globe. While Pride week usually takes place during February here in South Africa -and other parts of the world too- it is globally celebrated throughout the month of June.

The annual celebration aims to honour sexual diversity, bring together like-minded individuals and also bring awareness to the struggle that non-hetero communities have gone through and still continue to endure. While most of the LGBTQ community has come along way over the past few decades in terms of breaking down stereotypes about the nature of their sexuality and their ability to have wholesome, fullying relationships both emotionally and physically, it is still common to find people who reject the true nature of LGBTQ people – especially those in our local POC communities here in Africa, where homosexuality or any gender-queerness is strictly shunned. It is seen as ‘non-African’ and often results in violent repercussions. The truth is the scope of human sexuality is broad for both hetero-norm and LGBTQ individuals – there are countless ways to love a person and there are also many ways to have sex no matter what you identify as/with.

For as long as the sex toy industry has been booming, hetero-norm men have commanded areas of design as well as the industry’s target audience, which were only straight women even though products mainly fulfilled the desires of men. Designed to be used on ‘one end’ only (or safely) and often made to be anatomically hyper-real. While the vibrator became the hottest trend in the 90s, it was the LGBTQ community who had already been purchasing and using sex toys for years even though no one had designed them for the comfort of same-sex couples.

Why sex products were never marketed or designed specifically for the groups of people who were purchasing and using them the most is a result of the backward times we’re shifting away from. It’s exciting to see new and diverse innovators and sex advocates of LGBTQ people being represented broadly in areas dedicated to pleasure and sexual well-being with companies like the widely popular b-vibe range founded by certified sex expert, Alicia Sinclair. The company not only produces, safe, aesthetically pleasing and intimate ranges of ‘booty’ products for both straight and LGBT couples but have also fostered a culture of conveying sex-positive education with a fun and friendly approach.

My own store also offers a variety of toys for sexual explorers (coupled or flying solo) that have been consciously designed or the specific sexual needs of people who identify on all different ends of the sexual spectrum and who simply enjoy the experience and adventure of exploring the human body be it male, female and everyone in between. One of my hottest same-sex couple products (with raving reviews) is the remote control double ended vibrator from the Adrien Lastic range. The company is dedicated to its ongoing process of breaking down sexual taboos and advocating positive sexual experiences with their bright, appealing and smart designs.

When all adult parties have consented, there really are no limits to exploring your sexual desires. If you are looking to take your same-sex relationship to new sexual heights or if  you simply consider yourself open to pleasure and self-discovery on a more exciting level, then I invite you to journey through my online fantasy store right here and enjoy 10% off your first investment into your own sexual-wellbeing – just use this unique code when you check-out (MYCITY)

Until next month Wicked ones…

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