MWEB New ADSL Solutions


Mweb have come out with a new ADSL solution for us out there, they have lowered their prices dramatically and given us, the consumer the best possible service on uncapped ADSL (well I haven’t tried it yet, but Mweb is a reliable service provider). I think this will in turn lower the prices across the market as everyone wants to be competitive and keep customers from moving service providers! They even have there ads all over Facebook.

Broadband ADSL: Uncapped

  • Use as much data as you like
  • FAST always-on Internet access
  • Phone and surf the web at the same time
  • Pay a fixed monthly price
  • Ideal for video calling, gaming, downloads and running a small office

Mwebs Prices:

  • 384k uncapped – R219
  • 512k uncapped – R299
  • 4096k uncapped – R539

What do you need?

  • An existing telephone line (not prepaid)
  • A Broadband ADSL subscription from MWEB.
  • A Broadband ADSL modem or router (Available from MWEB for only R599)
  • A desktop or laptop PC

Those prices seem pretty darn good, I am with Mweb as my service provider already but think I might need to change my package ASAP. I will be looking into this right away and see what I can work out with them. I would really like to work/download/be on the net with uncapped internet from home as I have uncapped internet at work and it always makes life easier. I have spoken to a few people who have been using this product from MWEB and they say they haven’t experienced any problems and they loving the speed of the new uncapped Internet they have. I hope this helps South Africa take a step further into the broadband era and hopefully, sooner then we think EVERYONE will be running on broadband internet.

Death to Dail-Up!


If anyone else has used this service, please let me know your thoughts on it!

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  1. Thanx for this info Kreg – Mweb is my service provider and, since you are also with Mweb, perhaps you could give me some advice/arrange to change my package for me. Would really appreciate your help.

  2. Sure thing Sandy, what package are you using with MWEB now? let me know and I will find out more about the newer packages that could be beneficial to you! 🙂

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