Mutha FM Launch Party – 5th August Cape Town

Mutha FM Launch Party - 5th August Cape Town

 Mutha FM Launch Party - 5th August Cape Town
The ((( Mutha FM ))) ~ Launch Friday the 5th August 2011

This is the launch event and the start a whole new era in Music interaction and communication…

Mutha FM is launching the biggest music media network that the internet world has ever seen, giving its listeners a new way to interact with their favorite artists, DJ’s, Bands, Producers, Event Promoters, Club Owners and Publications…

:: This is a complete new way to converse and interact with people who are a part of the music industry elevating everybody who has the passion of music inside them to the next level giving them all an equal share of the stage.

:: Whether you’re a music Lover, DJ, music Producer or even a member of a Band, Mutha FM is a platform for you to showcase your talent to the whole planet allowing you to be a part of the Mutha FM network.


Friday the 5th of August will see Mutha open her arms and let her hair down with a launch event that will cater for a multiplicity of music styles played by the Mutha FM DJs. Starting early afternoon, it will progress and take you to three venues merging a musical voyage that has brought Mutha FM to this point in time…
DJ Lineups:

Broadcasting ((( Live ))) >>>
The Mutha FM Studio @ La Vie

2pm – 4pm :: Mr Mo
4pm – 5pm :: Slim
5pm – 6pm :: Delphictus
6pm – 7pm :: Accsssion
7pm – 8pm :: Jamie Saint
8pm – 9pm :: JB Intl
9pm – 10pm :: Daimo
10pm – 11pm :: Infemy

La Vie ~ 205 Beach Road, Seapoint, Cape Town

>>> Trinity Dance Floor 1

10pm – 11pm :: Adrian Gemini
11pm – 12am :: Deniel Briers
12am – 1am :: Tony Finger
1am – 2am :: Nick E Louder
2am – 3am :: Hoover & Fractal
3am – 4am :: Sonic & EMP

>>>Trinity Dance Floor 2

12am-1am :: Jules Osrin
1am- 2am :: Digital Project
2am-3am :: Slewroy
3am-4am :: Mezzanine

Trinity ~ 15 Bennett Street, Greenpoint, Cape Town

Club Voom Voom
Top SA Bands Lineup:

:: My Flawless Ending
:: Reburn
:: Thought Police
:: Anton Syndrome
:: Wolftown
:: Zaria
and More…

Only a week and a half to get your tickets. Limited tickets available, so don’t miss out! Go to​a/ev​ent.aspx?itemid=3520718

Voom Voom ~ 70 Loop Street – Corner Hout Street, Cape Town

..more being confirmed as we speak…


Webticket Link:​a/event.aspx?itemid=350059​5

(( STD ))
* Pre-sold: R60
* On the Door: R80

((( V.I.P. )))
* Pre-sold: R130
* On the Door: R150

((( Live ))) Broadcast from La Vie Café at the Mutha FM Studios & Trinity,
Cape Town

The day will start with a pre party at 2pm at the brand new Mutha FM studios while watching the shows broadcast live for the beautiful sunset sessions at La Vie. Then the transmission will be switched over to continue the broadcast at one of Cape Town’s most stunning nightlife venues, Trinity. There will also be a the Alturnative venue for our rocks listeners with a fantastic SA lineup of Bands…

Each DJ will play their own genre of beats for one hour offering a piece of what the Cape Town underground encapsulates.

The journey will begine at La Vie Cafe on Beach Road Seapoint and will proceed to Trinity Club and the live venue in the evening…

* Band Lineups coming soon…

* Smart Phone:

* Mutha Chat:

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