Music People returns this March for the first Grand Moon instalment of 2020 featuring Jan Blomqvist [Berlin]

Groove into the moonlight for another gathers another unforgettable Music People x Grand Moon soiree. Music People invites music lovers to another day-into-night extravaganza which will showcase the eclectic sounds of the Berlin-based techno extraordinaire, Jan Blomqvist!

The collective is thrilled to welcome Berlin-based live act Jan Blomqvist who will be taking the stage with Duchess (Iceland) and Elif (Istanbul).

Born in the 80s, solo artist and bandleader, Jan Blomqvist is something of a maverick in the electronic music scene. It was him who invented concert techno; which can only be described as music with dreamy vocals and seamless melodic beats. Blomqvist’s ethereal production of dreamy vocals and seamless beats will set the scene for this intimate and exclusive gathering at Grand Africa Cafe & Beach (please hyperlink) Cape Town, supported by the melodic artistry of female phenomenons Duchess and Elif.


Born into a musical family in Iceland, Duchess grew up living rhythm and melody. Upon moving to Los Angeles, she sharpened her skills behind the decks and in the studio. She quickly rose the ranks to become a household name in the scene, playing parties such as SBCLTR LA, Deep Space, Minimal Effort and festivals around the globe, including; Lighting in A Bottle and Art With Me in Tulum. Sculpting her ethereal sound with emotion, Duchess aims to make people move on the dance floor all the while with a smile on their face.

Having her roots in Istanbul and like a true nomad and free soul, Elif’s wings brought her reputation already exceeding the thriving dance culture of her home city and made her a regular selector at top venues both around the world, as she delivers her unique blend of synthesized and organic sounds. With meticulously prepared podcasts for Anjunadeep Edition, When We Dip, Bespoke Music and more, she grew her online audience to reputable numbers and she’s already considered a top storyteller internationally, capable of adjusting her sound to any given time and space.

Catch Jan Blomqvist, Dutchess and Elif at Grand Africa, Cape Town. For more information, join the event page and follow Music People via the links below. For VIP Table bookings, email:

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