Music People Present ‘EP of The Day’ – Township Rebellion ‘Balance’ 2018


This month, Music People will host two of the biggest names on the international techno circuit, Brina Knauss and Township Rebellion alongside Cape Town’s Ivan Turanjanin and Sonic Bloom at Wonderland.

To jazz up your Friday and weekend ahead, Music People have selected to today’s EP of The Day – Township Rebellion’s 2018 record, ‘Balance’. Listen to all their latest tracks below catch them live next weekend at Music People presents Brina Knauss & Township Rebellion. Tickets available here.



“Township Rebellion step up with the autumnal-inspired, adventure-ridden four-track EP Balance. Opening track Romeo revolves around a sparse, dramatic bassline and similarly sentimental synths, making for introspective flashes on the dancefloor. On November were greeted by grand melodies with huge, spacious pads and monumental breakdowns, the perfect ingredients to spark up those emphatic, hands-in-the-sky type of moments. Meanwhile, Monocoque flips the script and reveals ample pads in a spectral, dark sound palette, decked with ominous synths and looming resolutions. Splatters of percussion and haphazard chords are key on Compass North, rounding up the release in a similarly lofty yet dance-provoking manner.” – Balance EP, Beatport

Listen below and purchase your copy of ‘Balance’ on Beatport.

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